Simplifying the complicated.

Synergy Research Group wanted a powerful, flexible tool to help keep pace with their growth.

Projecis was the obvious choice.

Synergy, a rapidly growing clinical research organization headquartered in Moscow, Russia, was frustrated by ineffective email-based project management and chaotic document and information exchange.

"When meeting with a sponsor, now I don’t even take my notebook—all I need to make a company presentation, or drill down into a project’s details, is Internet access to Projecis."

Igor Stefanov

Igor Stefanov
Synergy Research Group

"Projecis was our obvious best choice," says Synergy's CEO Igor Stefanov. "What set it apart were things like the ability to maintain various project schedule baselines, security and confidentiality, temporary access for sponsors, partial task execution and status, document version control and tracking, a project discussion area and electronic signature. That’s a long list of features that weren’t even offered by the other systems we looked at and, when they did offer the features, the quality just didn’t meet the standard set by Projecis."

"Projecis is so flexible and efficient that we use it well beyond project management. It is versatile enough to improve our efficiency in so many other areas of our operation; we also now use it for Standard Operating Procedure management, Human Resources and our Learning Management System."

Projecis has also changed Synergy’s RFP (Request For Proposal) process. They work together to prepare the proposal using Synergy’s standard form, which is then uploaded into Projecis where it can be modified with clearly tracked versions, discussed in the comment area, and linked to supporting documents and knowledge, such as teleconferences with the sponsor.

"I have access to everything I need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any place in the world. No VPN, no IT headache. Client and prospects are really impressed with this comprehensive, cloud-based technology and it adds to our reputation for efficiency and sophistication." I'm happy to have the Projecis team of experts on board with Synergy -- they're not just software providers, they are real partners."

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