Staying on the same page.

Spaulding Clinical Research looked for a way to manage, track and share the huge volume of information and tasks they value for success.

Projecis filled the bill.

As a clinical research facility, Spaulding is responsible for testing and research for both potential pharmaceuticals and medical devices. As such, they have a very structured clinical research environment that requires rigid protocols and regulatory compliance for their processes and procedures. And, of course, confidentiality and security are incredibly important to preserve the integrity of clinical trials.

"I don’t even like to think about what my job would look like without Projecis."

Heather Spears

Heather Spears
Clinical Information Manager
Spaulding Clinical Research

Projecis took this very complicated system—involving many people, deadlines and tasks—and made it much simpler to manage efficiently. What used to be a mass of spreadsheets, faxes and phone calls—between team members as well as external client partners—is now a clean, centralized interactive process with instantaneous data-sharing and real time updates. As Heather Spears, Clinical Information Manager at Spaulding, puts it, "Fortunately for us, Projecis is easy to use, intuitive and flexible with multiple digital pathways that get you where you need to be."

Recognizing the sheer volume of tasks involved in setting up a new clinical trial, Projecis worked with Spaulding to create templates for the three most common types of trials and studies, including certain milestones, tasks and durations that are specific to clinical research. Normally, creating a project from scratch would easily have taken a day and a half, but the new templates allowed Spaulding to get project timelines in place and specific tasks assigned to the right team members in less than an hour. On top of that, Projecis made it easy to customize the templates to specific projects that might have unusual requirements. Spaulding found the efficiency, productivity and quality-control benefits to be monumental.

Spaulding Clinical also found a huge benefit from using shareable Projecis features—like Gantt Charts—to show the status of tasks and their progression throughout the clinical trial. Clients can now view the progress of their project at anytime without waiting for reports from Spaulding.

Projecis' ability to share visibility of timelines and deadlines also allows clients to manage internal schedules and resources in order to meet those deadlines and keep the project on schedule. Projecis facilitates transparent communication and sharing of information between both Spaulding team members and client stakeholders. As the project moves forward, changes are communicated immediately and Projecis helps the team navigate the changes with minimal delays in momentum.

As in many fields, in order for a clinical trial to be completed successfully, Spaulding must work in tight coordination with their client partners. The high visibility of data and of projects-in-progress creates a relationship of confidence and trust and accountability, fostering a strong partnership between Spaulding and its clients.

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