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La Jolla Country Day School needed a software system to revolutionize and secure their recruitment and admissions programs.

They turned to Projecis.

La Jolla Country Day School (LJCDS) is a premier educational institution in San Diego that has been dedicated to offering a wide diversity and depth of college preparatory academic, artistic and athletic programs for over 80 years. Historically, its entire admissions data and tracking system consisted of essentially one large spreadsheet. LJCDS needed a more sophisticated, streamlined tool.

"Projecis plays a critical supporting role in our ability to provide excellence to our clients."

Inez Odom

Inez Odom
Director of Admissions
La Jolla Country Day School

Projecis collaborative software was introduced to begin tracking actual student admission data for each enrollment year. In addition, Projecis Pro Services built a web-based dashboard for LJCDS to navigate and maintain all the historical and new information and report it in real time for qualitative analysis.

While managing enrollment at LJCDS involves data, metrics and reports, behind each data point is a unique child and family. Projecis’ extensive security and access control provided the protection LJCDS needed for its confidential, sensitive personal information. 

In this private school setting, many scenarios repeat annually, such as application reviews, admissions, and grade level promotions. Projecis worked closely with LJCDS to better organize and automate its data collection and reporting so that its team members had more time to spend interpreting what the data meant for the success of their school and student body.

Inez Odom, the Director of Admissions, explains, "That shift from quantitative to qualitative data trend analysis was a huge leap from where we were before, and has really helped us turn a large amount of information into useful knowledge."

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