Control your access. Secure it your way.

Get the right people in the right places
with the right info.

Projecis' security features are robust, flexible, and easy to use. You choose who has access to what, internally and externally, right down to the user and content.

Visibility and permissions are layered and controllable. Make sweeping changes, or modify one file at a time, with a few clicks.

Create the layered visibility you want, project by project, user by user—externally to clients and partners, internally to employees and teams.

  • Only invited persons have access to your subscription, yet they cannot see any content unless they are assigned to a project. With smart login you do not need to log out and back in to access different to access project from different subscriptions.

  • With powerful and flexible permissions that you control, instantly manage access to content and features. Changes can be made instantly to address the changing needs of your team. No IT required.

Work company-to-company, or just among yourselves.

Work with multiple outside partners simultaneously. Make them as visible to each other as you want.

Set up and secure your own internal access company-wide, defining permissions for legal files, personal files, HR and personnel, R&D: whatever you need.

  • Incorporate files in your workflows with tools like File Review and E-signatures. Distributed teams can minimize delays while retaining all the comments and signed documents in one place.

  • Your teams may have members from different locations, time zones and companies. Keep everyone on track and informed by retaining and sharing project knowledge in one place.

  • Projecis provides the ability to add comments and files to content within the system providing feedback, guidance or clarity to the item. Everything retained within the project and associated with the content.

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Collaborate the way
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From internal to external project and management needs, we'll get you where you want to be.


Control your access.
Secure it your way.

Projecis provides highly configurable access down to a single user or document.


Centralize your
knowledge base.

Management, communication, calendaring, scheduling, and more: all at once, all in the same place, all secured by you.

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