Collaborate the way you want.

Streamline, secure, and organize your business your way.

We didn't start out as tool builders. We started out as collaborators who needed a better tool.  Projecis was born out of—and built around—actual, real world needs and has evolved with the needs of our clients.

  • Instantly know where your project stands. Track the progress of assignments and view their comments and updates.

  • Maintain, share, comment and retain your files and all file versions. Apply security rules to control who can access the file and what they can do.

  • We know you may need to share information with those outside your team. Go ahead and share specific content with persons outside of your project, company or Projecis and secure it with an expiration date and/or password.

Flex your collaborative muscle.

Our robust feature set lets you go from start to finish, project after project, all in one place. 

Gantt charts, scheduling, and calendars? Sure, we got that. Powerful communication tools? Use phone, VoIP, email, alert, posts, documents and more.

  • Add comments and attach files to content to provide more information or greater clarity. Comments are automatically emailed to the content owner, keeping your team up to date.

  • Collaborate seamlessly. Start a discussion with one or more team members and have all the information retained within the project.

  • Want your email to work with Projecis? Each project has a unique email address allowing you to post items to your project, create meetings, events, discussions, and more.

  • Use the Gantt chart to plan and track your Milestones and Tasks visually. The Projecis Gantt chart is a great lightweight, easy-to-use alternative to MS Project while providing you powerful integrated features to keep your project on track.

  • Need to reach team members immediately? Send a message to their email, chat, sms text, and text-to voice to a landline simultaneously. Retain a history of the alerts and who was notified.

Stretch Projecis to meet your needs.

There's no one right way to use Projecis. It's flexible enough to let you collaborate the way you want.

In fact, we love to hear from our clients to discuss creative ways to help them manage their businesses better. We'd love to hear from you.

  • If you need to document team member’s review or knowledge of a file, use the training feature. Have them e-sign their review and/or have them take a quiz on the item.

  • Have special needs? Turn to Pro Services. We can create custom reports, portals, international call numbers, and integrate Projecis with other tools you may use. Contact us to learn more.

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Collaborate the way
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Control your access.
Secure it your way.

Projecis provides highly configurable access down to a single user or document.


Centralize your
knowledge base.

Management, communication, calendaring, scheduling, and more: all at once, all in the same place, all secured by you.

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