Centralize your knowledge base.

The more you use Projecis, the more powerful
it gets.

Whether you're starting from scratch or migrating in existing projects, the day you begin to use Projecis is the day you change the way you do business for the better.

Manage your knowledge, not just your tasks.

Every note, chart, schedule, message, or call you ever make on Projecis is tucked away, waiting for the day you need it.

Thanks to our leading edge integrated software platform, you can create the ultimate archive for your business; thanks to our dynamic search tool, your archive is immediately at your fingertips.

Even new team members can get up to speed quickly, using well organized data and knowledge threads.

  • Multiple team members making changes to a file? Check-out a file before making edits to avoid version contamination. Members can still access content of a checked-out file, but cannot upload a new version to a checked-out file.

  • Retain your files in one place and control who has access. Retain all the file versions, preview the file and employ a broad range of powerful workflow tools.

  • With the powerful in-content search Projecis will look across all your projects for items that match your search terms, including content within the files. Apply filters to narrow your search to find exactly what you are looking for.

See how simple it can be.

This is your gateway to better management.

Once you begin typing, it can become a file, a message, a meeting, a recorded VoIP call, a news blast, a Gantt chart—whatever you need it to be, with just a few clicks.

That's how simple—yet complex—Projecis is.

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From internal to external project and management needs, we'll get you where you want to be.


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Secure it your way.

Projecis provides highly configurable access down to a single user or document.


Centralize your
knowledge base.

Management, communication, calendaring, scheduling, and more: all at once, all in the same place, all secured by you.

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